4月29日 “Mambo No.5” Theme Party-回到50年代的纽约

April 29th: Back to last 50's New York

地址:Tu凸 live house 广州市越秀区广州大道中361-365号东方花苑首层


9:30 pm Mambo No.5” Theme parties with performance (Doors open at 9:30pm)(观众9:30pm入场)

On this day we will start with social dance party first,The show will start at 22:45

"Mambo No. 5" is a mambo and jive dance recorded originally recorded and composed by Cuban Dámaso Pérez Prado in 1949. In the 1950s, various publications in New York City began to run articles on an emerging "mambo revolution" in music and dance. Recording companies began to use mambo to label their records and advertisements for mambo dance lessons were in local newspapers. New York City had made mambo a transnational popular cultural phenomenon. By the mid-1950s mambo mania had reached fever pitch. In New York the mambo was played in a high-strung, sophisticated way that had the Palladium Ballroom, the famous Broadway dance-hall, jumping. The Ballroom soon proclaimed itself the "temple of mambo", for the city's best dancers—the Mambo Aces, "Killer Joe" Piro, Augie and Margo Rodriguez, Paulito and Lilon, Louie Maquina and Pedro "Cuban Pete" Aguilar—gave mambo demonstrations there and made a reputation for their expressive use of arms, legs, head and hands. Augie and Margo were still dancing 50 years later (2006) in Las Vegas.

"Mambo No. 5" 是由古巴人Dámaso Pérez Prado在1949年录制的一张Mambo和Jive的唱片。 在20世纪50年代的纽约,大量文字记载着一场叫做“mambo revolution”的音乐舞蹈革新。唱片公司开始在唱片封面上使用mambo这个词儿,同时在当地的报纸上也出现了mambo的舞蹈课程广告。纽约这座城市把Mambo造就成了一种跨国际的流行文化现象。到了50年代中期Mambo狂潮已经达到了狂热的程度。在纽约,Mambo音乐以其丰富高级的演奏模式让the Palladium Ballroom这样的著名百老汇舞厅都嗨了起来,后来很快那儿就成为Mambo的圣殿,那些当时最好的Mambo舞者们,包括"Killer Joe" Piro, Augie、Margo Rodriguez、 Paulito and Lilon、 Louie Maquina和Pedro "Cuban Pete" Aguilar等,都在那儿教授讲解Mambo舞。直到50年后(2006年),Augie 和 Margo 还在拉斯维加斯跳着。

We all love Gentlemen. You can dress up like one of those famous mambo dancers from last 50s, such as Mambo Aces, "Killer Joe" Piro, and of course, Augie and Margo Rodriguez. They were all so stylish. Basically, our dress code of this evening is black-tie. Gentlemen, please wear suits or waistcoats, and of course it’s a great opportunity for you to wear your favorite tie or bowtie. Ladies, a tight skirt to show off your curve could be a good option. Last 50s was a gold time for Mambo, that’s the reason we pick Mambo No.5 to name our theme party, to memorize. The performances that night will mostly be great mambo shows and a few bachata pieces. And for the party later, our DJs will play those classical Mambos music, and some bachata/Kizomba. Looking forward to seeing you on the dance floor.

我们倡导绅士精神,你可以穿着和当时最出名的舞者Mambo Aces, 也可以像"Killer Joe" Piro, 当然Augie and Margo Rodriguez也是非常著名和有特点的。 男士请正装出席,你可以选一些西装马甲或者领结作为你的配饰。 女生们可以选择经典的抹胸以及很紧的及膝裙。 50年代对于Mambo的发展起到了重要的作用,所以我们用Mambo No.5这首歌的名字来命名这个Party.以此来纪念那个年代。当晚的表演将选择经典的Mambo搭配少量的Bachata.我们的DJ 将播放经典的Mambo音乐当然我们还有Bachata和少量的Kizomba. 期待在舞池见到你们!


4月30日 白色主题主题舞会

April 30th: All White Party with performance

9:00pm Performance (Doors open at 8:30pm)(观众8:30pm入场)

10:30pm – 5:30am

地址:Tu凸 live house 广州市越秀区广州大道中361-365号东方花苑首层



After the tremendous success of our 2014 and 2015 White theme we have decided to do it again. Also, as you may already know, but we still want to emphasize: Everything in related to this party shall be White, of course including the dress code. All guest shall wear white. It's time to show off your classic look!


5月1日 “Let’s Boogaloo” Theme Party 回到时尚界念念不忘的60-70's

April 30th: “Let’s Boogaloo” Theme Party.Back to the unforgettable 60-70’s

12:00-17:30 WORKSHOP

9:00pm Performance (Doors open at 8:30pm)(观众8:30pm入场)

10:30pm – 5:30am:Let’s Boogaloo Party

10:30pm – 5:30am:Let’s Boogaloo 主题舞会

地址:Tu凸 live house 广州市越秀区广州大道中361-365号东方花苑首层


Farewell party is always the craziest. Don´t miss out on this exclusive show program only for China Latin Dance Festival 2017!


Don´t miss out on this exclusive show program, in China only at the China Latin Dance Festival

不要错过这一晚独特的表演节目,只有在中国的China Latin Dance Festival


The first decade after World War II was pretty shaky and turbulent. Until the 60-70’s, everything started to be back on track and evolve. People started to break the old rules and so called tranditional cliché. Of course, new thinking brought a new trend of dressing philosophy.

二十世纪六七十年代,那是一个解放革新的时代。当时的美国,生活着不少拉美人,年轻的拉美人逐步融入到美国社会。就流行音乐方面而言,年轻的拉美人不仅喜欢传统的拉丁音乐,他们也喜欢当时美国流行的各种音乐风格,比如摇滚乐、R&B、爵士等等,于是他们开始尝试将拉丁音乐与当时美国流行的音乐风格进行融合。1965年到1970年,纽约的音乐家们把英语和西班牙语的歌词与Afro-Cuban、爵士、摇滚乐、R&B的节奏旋律结合起来创造出了Latin boogaloo

In the 1950s and '60s, African Americans in the United States listened to various styles of music, including jump blues, R&B and doo-wop. Puerto Ricans in New York City shared these tastes, but they also listened to genres like mambo or chachachá and Bossa Nova. There was a mixing of Puerto Ricans, Cubans, African Americans and others in clubs, whose bands tried to find common musical ground. Boogaloo was a result of this search, a marriage of many styles including Cuban son montuno, guaguancó, guajira, guaracha, mambo, and American R&B and soul.

在2017年我们带大家回到那个动荡的年代,来自ALEX&DESIREE的BOOGALOO BOOTCAMP将在这一晚进行汇报演出。 我们还特意准备了蓬蓬头假发与墨镜,千万不要错过在我们的背景板前拍照已经签名留念哦

We’d like to bring you all back to that age this night in 2017. You will see the showcase of Alex&Desiree’s Boogaloo bootcamp the same night.We will also prepare big bouffant wigs and sun glasses for you at the door. Dress to impress! And don’t forget to pose and take great pics in front of our background board

穿着指南 Dress Code:

女生:印花 短上衣 喇叭裤 连身裤 高腰裤

Girls: prints, cropped tops, flare trousers, jumpsuit, high waist

男生:高腰裤 印花衬衣 宽版皮带 格纹西装背心以及外套

Guys:high waist, prints shirt, wide belt, plaid vest and suit.